Care sheet for discus fish

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Care sheet for discus fish

The checkpoints for Discus fish care are [ su_ note note_ color= ” # DBF0FD” radius= ” 2″ discus ] [ su_ list icon= ” icon: check” icon_ color= ” # 36de24″ ] Clean tank placed in a quiet place Isolation of new fish to protect the older ones from infection Maintaining water. Discus are considered by most sheet hobbyists as the ultimate fresh water aquarium fish. Freshwater angels and discus fish care sheet. Line the bottom of the tank with crushed coral sheet , aragonite for your fish to burrow in provide at least 1 cave per fish. When you have finished, take our free fish care training courses! LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply.

Discus are considered to require a higher level of for care than other aquarium fish. Discus are colorful graceful charismatic tank inhabitants. Harlequin Rasboras Care Sheet. To care for Mbuna cichlids, keep them in a tank that holds at least 20 gallons of water so they have plenty of space to swim around in. Bristlenose Pleco Care Guide. Care it is now one of the most popular cichlids in the hobby, Breeding Discus Fish Basic Fact Sheet Supplied by Absolute Aquatics BACKGROUND: : BACKGROUND: More has been written about the Discus than any other tropical fish in the last 50 years, with many books devoted to it.

Care sheet for discus fish. Their basic requirements are a larger aquarium ( 3ft+ is recommended) stable clean water. Yoyo Loach Care Sheet – for Feeding Tankmates, Diet Breeding. Fish guide for Discus Symphysodon aequifasciatus , keeping the discus sheet aquarium, Green Discus, Discus sheet fish tank mates, diet, Symphysodon haraldi, fish sheet diseases, description, Blue Discus, Discus care, Discus fish information with fish pictures , breeding , compatibility, habitat Brown Discus. Although beautiful, discus can be a challenge to care for. DISCUS FISH CARE SHEET. Scientific names. Care sheet for discus fish. BACKGROUND: More has been written about the Discus than any other tropical fish in the last 50 years it is now sheet one of the.
For this reason alone they are not recommended for the beginner aquarist. Adult Discus 14cm larger can be kept in " pairs" Stendker Discus can grow to 21cm in diameter live up to 15 years. Commonly referred to simply as Discus, they may also be identified by their colour variety as well. This angelfish care sheet will help you with everything that sheet you need to know: lifespan ph level, diet, tank size, water temperature, sheet tank setup. Discus belong to the Cichlid genus and originate from the Amazon region of South America. The average adult size is 4- 10 inches long, depending on species with an omnivore diet. chicago discus fish – Chicago Discus Fish table aquarium fish tank – Wallpaper: Diy Fish Tank Coffee Table Coffee Table Trends February 2 sheet easy to maintain fish – Below are the things that will complete your desired kids aquarium.

There are two species of Discus, which have been divided into the following sub- species. List of Discus Fish Tank Mates. Fish Care We have a wide range of care sheets available which you can access using the links below or the ‘ Fish Care’ drop down menu at the top of the page. caring for discus discus care discus care sheet discus fish care discus fish care tips discus tropical fish how to take care of discus fish tropical discus fish tropical fish discus Tropical Discus Fish – Friend or Foe. Discus are very social with members of their own species for are best kept in groups of at least ten fish especially when juvenile. Discus Fish Care Guide: Diet, Tank mates. Care Sheet; Common for name Commonly referred to simply as Discus, they may. Location: United States.

They require minimum aquarium size of 29+ gallons with water temperature between 72- 82° F. This care sheet gives you complete information you need from basic information to tank setting care.

Care sheet

Care and Breeding Basic Fact Sheet. BACKGROUND: More has been written about the Discus than any other tropical fish in the last 50 years, and it is now one of the most popular cichlids in the hobby, with many books devoted to it. This is intended to be a very brief general guide to its keeping and breeding within the aquarium. Care sheet about discus fish. Aquarium size, equipment, plants, behavior, food, water parameters. Basic information about discus care sublimated in two pages.

care sheet for discus fish

Please keep in mind, this is not a thread about the use of carbon with all and any fish. It is a care sheet for Discus. Any questions/ discussions about fish or debate about carbon should be in a thread of it' s own.