6p3c tube data sheet

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6p3c tube data sheet

Octal USA 1935 , IO) K8A Audio Frequency shown. - Credit/ debit cards updated! Retail and wholesale stock. 6p3c General purpose Tetrode ( 6P3C). Tube Data Sheet Locator. Brand by Svetlana. data General purpose Tetrode Author: goranl Quality Soviet 6R3S- 1 / 6P3C- 1 tube double tetrode. B8- 0), Glas cylinder tube / bulb envelope with dome top. 6 Type Application Heater voltage, V 3U22C 5U3C B 1- 0.

Abstract: 5u3c TRIODE 6H13C 3U22C 6N45 T3N4 sheet 6C40n 6p3c cathode ray 6h13c tube Text: amplifiers 6p3c 6. 6p3c tube data sheet. 03/ 13 8 A, 4 5 6, A2 1, 5 9 C ath o d e - h e a te r Vacant H eater A n o d e ( to p cap) 3U22C 2. Information is from data books and from the following resources: www. Often used for substitution of:. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that data sheet a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags; 6H13C.

Radio tubes are valves. Use in LF power amplification. Tube 6П3С Röhre 6П3С ID3565, Beam 6p3c Power Tube Octal ( Int.

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I have bought several pairs of the top tubes ( NO " E" ), and use them in several of my amps. They sound absolutely fantastic in my SF Princeton. Good for taming a too bright amp. I don' t know about the max voltage ( although the Russian data sheet says 250V). Mine running at 420VDC on the plates, no problem. The 6146 series of tubes followed on the heels heels of the famous 6L6 beam power tube, which was the first power tube to use the electron beam principle.

6p3c tube data sheet

The 6L6 was released in 1936 and was first announced on page 50 of the May, 1936 issue of QST magazine. Country: Russia: Type: Vacuum tubes & electron tubes for audio, Radio power tube, transmitter & TV power tube.