6ju8a tube datasheet

Tube datasheet

6ju8a tube datasheet

ALTRA - LINEAR 6T9 DIY TUBE AMPLIFIER. p = Pentode Unit. pdfbytes) 6LY1A Cintel CRR 6LY1A. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Would you like to see a tube added datasheet to the Database? Tube EF 85 Noval, Röhre EF85 ID357, Vacuum Pentode, B9A RF/ IF- Stage shown.

Frank' datasheet s Electron tube Pages 1 year! They require a miniature 9- contact socket. Listed below are some web sites that have DIY 6T9 vacuum tube amplifiers pictures , schematics Information: SPARE TIME GIZMOS ~ STERIO 6T9 PROJECT. The Sovtek 6BQ6 / EL84 Vacuum tube is a miniature type used in the output stage of audio- frequency amplifiers. SUBSCRIPTS FOR MULTI- UNIT TUBES: b = Beam Power Unit.

Electron 6ju8a tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 7002 ( = ML7002) Machlett Laboratories T~ 7002. pdfbytes= ML7003) Machlett Laboratories T~ 7003. DIY 6T9 datasheet TUBE / VALVE AMPLIFIER PROJECT. Also used in test equipment. Miniature version. 25DK3 25EH5 34DK3 36LW6 6146A 6550A 6AQ5 6BA6 6JU8A 6JV8 6JW8 6KR8A 6KS6 6KT8 6LE8 6LJ6A. hp = Heptode Unit. pdfbytes) 6LX8 General Electric tp 6LX8. 6ju8a tube datasheet.

Be sure to check out the Chris , datasheet layouts, datasheet Justin Radio website for vintage guitar- related scematics general info. They have been used extensively in Boogie Fender , Crate Peavey amplifiers. pdfbytes) 6JZ8 RCA ( HB3) tP 6JZ8. 10000th datasheet: Sylvania 7543. pdfbytes) 7003A ( = ML7003A) Machlett tube Laboratories T~ 7003A. Radio tubes are valves. pdfbytes) 6JZ8 RCA ( RC30) tP 6JU8A. electron Tube Data sheets - 6. Tube Data Sheet Locator.

Send us email: net. DIY 6T9 PUSH - PULL TUBE AMPLIFIER PROJECT. pdfbytes) 6JZ6 General Electric P 6JZ6. Other Datasheet Catalogs for Radwell International. the advent of semiconductor devices, thousands of tube. tube pdfbytes) 6JW6 RMA/ EIA P 6JW6. pdfbytes= TBL2/ 300) Philips T~. ELECTRONIC TUBE - - 6JU8A ELECTRONIC TUBE - - 6JW8ECF802 ELECTRONIC TUBE - - 6KA8.
6ju8a 6ju8a 6jv8 6jv8 6jv8 6jv8 6jw8 datasheet 6jw8 6jz6 6jz6 6jz8 6jz8 6jz8 6jz8 6k11 6k11 6k11 6k11 6k13p 6k13p 6k1p 6k1p 6k4p 6k4p 6k4pev 6k4pev 6k5g 6k5g 6k5g. 6JD6 6JD6 6JH6 6JH6 6JH6 6JH8 6JK8 6JM6 6JM6 6JN6 6JN6 6JS6 6JU8A 6JV6 6JV8 6JV8 6JZ8 6JZ8 6K6GT 6K6GT,. Many thanks to Bill Beech, NJ7P for his efforts in providing the data found on this site! hx = Hexode Unit. 6ju8a 6ju8a 6ju8a 6ju8a 6ju8a 6jv8 6ju8a 6jv8 6jv8 6jv8 6jw8 6jw8 6jz6 6jz6 6jz8 6jz8 6jz8 6jz8 6k11 6k11 6k11 6k11 6k13p 6k13p 6k1p 6k1p 6k4p 6k4p 6k4pev 6k4pev datasheet 6k5g.

6ju8a tube datasheet. beam+ Tube+ 6js6 datasheet,. ( radio local oscilla- • 6JU8A 9 mA.

Datasheet tube

Tube listings and prices are for current stock at time of. 6JS6C– MP 6JT6 - A 6JT8 / 6KR8 6JU6 6JU6- MP 6JU8A 6JV8 6JW8 / ECF802 6JZ6 6JZ8 6K5G 6K5GT 6K6GT 6K7 6K7G. 4 – Tube for radiocommunication. 7 volt 600 mA controlled warm up heater 5J6 data sheet - this particular Tung- Sol datasheet contains a copy/ paste. If you are looking for a 6L6 tube, just go to the 6KM8 - 6R7 Tube Types category. If you are looking for an 808 tube, just go to the 481B - 925 Tube Types category.

6ju8a tube datasheet

The lists are about 100 tubes each so you might need to scroll down to find the tube you need. electron Tube Data sheets - 5. pdfbytes) 6JW8 RCA ( RC30) tp 6JU8A.